I have 1 son of 26. He is called Michiel.
Here is a picture of him, when he was little:

My son Michiel, when he was young

Isn`t he cute?

I also have some pictures of him when he was older. What a hunk he is, right?


Michiel and me A moving Picture of Roses, that open Michiel and me



And some pictures from the two of us

My Son Michiel and MeMy Son Michiel and Me


Here are some other photos with Renate my friend, Michiel and my father: May 2003

Renate, Michiel and Me Renate, Michiel and My Father Renate, Michiel and Me Renate, Michiel and My Father


Here is a little story I like:

A mother was teaching her three-year-old The Lord's Prayer.
For several evenings at bedtime, the child repeated it after
the mother. Then one night the child was ready to solo.

The mother listened with pride to the carefully enunciated
words, right up to the end. "And lead us not into temptation,
but deliver us some e-mail . . ..


Michiel married Moniek.

And in 2014 they got a lovely daughter Vayèn. Here they are: