Book - Message for the tribe of many colors

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Book - Message for the tribe of many colors

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Hi everybody,
If you haven't yet read the book from Kiesha Crowther "Message for the tribe of many colors", I can recommend it.
It tells a lot about the changes Mother Earth is going through and what we can do to help her.
Here are some pieces from the book:

-On the 10th of the 10th of 2010 a lot of very powerful crystals awoke. They are buried in Mount Magazine in Arkansas, USA. Mother Earth was activated on a deep level by that awakening and that brought mankind again a little bit closer to her spiritual awakening.
It also helped to bring back the sacred female vibration back to Mother Earth. And it healed the waters in the region.

-Crystals are very important and can store lots of memory. They never lose what they store.
Kiesha is the guardian of 7 master crystals, that she had to put back in Mother Earth at a specifeid location.
During the time of the fall of Atlantis the sacred crystals were closed. The crystals were given to the priests of Atlantis by starbeings. The crystals were closed, because that way they couldn't be abused.
Every crystal contains a different energy and has a certain purpose.
The crystals were saved for this time, when Mother Earth is shifting to a higher dimension. Through those crystals mankind get the chance to shift to a higher dimension too.
When the crystals are placed back in Mother Earth the higher frequency will spread through Mother Earth and will connect the power places.

-It is a good thing to wear a little crystal. You then connect with the enormous cosmic energy, that is stored in the master crystals. This will influence your own energyfield. It will help you to absorb this cosmic energy and to use it to awaken.

-Piramids were build by very advanced people and starbeings somewhere around 10.000 before Christ.
They were build to maintain a very high vibrating frequency on Mother Earth. One that helps us to evolve.
They resonate with a certain sound frequency from certain starsystems in the universe. Starsystems from beings that helped the very advanced people to build the piramids. These were especially beings from the Pleiads and Orion.
The piramids were build through sound and antigravity.
The piramids radiate a frequency, that these starbeings, that once were on Mother Earth, need, to be able to be here.
Important piramids are those of Gizeh (Egypt), the Maya piramids (Mexico) and the piramids at the coast of Florida (USA)(Atlantis).
The knowledge of the piramids is buried in an enormous library, that lies under the right paw of the Sphinx in Egypt. One day it will be found.

-At the coast of Florida, USA there is an underwater base from lightbeings. There are large ships from 5-6 km.
There lies a very magnetic field. It contains the sacred energy of life. This area is known at the Bermuda Triangle.

-Also Stonehenge in the UK is a very sacred place. It is used by starbeings. It is an important base for certain starbeings. And that is the reason why they find so many crop circles there.
Below Stonehenge lies also a giant ship from starbeings.

-Trees like the Sequioa in Redwood Mountain Grove, USA, used to be our ancestors and elders, who used to live on Mother Earth, but are ascended. They chose to return to Mother Earth to hold a certain high frequency for us.

-Dolphins are very highly developed beings from another part of the cosmos. They are from a little star, that circles around Sirius A every 49 years.
They also help us by holding a high frequency. Through their help we can evolve.
Dolphins, Whales and Elefants are here to help us. These special beings keep the frequency of Mother Earth high, so that we don't destroy Mother Earth.
These starbeings will remain on Mother Earth, if we, as mankind, raise our consciousness.
But if we continu to damage Mother Earth, they will leave. They can't live in a lower frequency.
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