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What is cancer? There is of course the physical side of it with the tumors etc.
And people always say “it is hereditary”. But what does that mean?
That means that you have a predisposition for cancer. Of course that is true.
But people often only look at the physical side of a disease.
Let’s look at the mental patterns behind cancer.
I believe that every disease has a mental pattern behind it.
If you change that mental pattern you maybe can prevent the disease to surface and/or can cure yourself from it
You are born in a family with people that have the same issues to learn.

In my family there is a lot of cancer too. When my mother died from cancer I began to read a lot about it. I learned that when you have lots of disappointments and negative thoughts and you don’t express them, you don’t talk about them, the negativity finds a place in your body and one day you are diagnosed with cancer.
And by expressing them I mean that you show your vulnerable side and talk about it. So if somebody hurts you, you don’t say “you are an asshole”, but you say “you are hurting me; why are you saying or doing that to me”? By doing so you show your vulnerable side and the other person gets the chance to do that too. If the other person goes on hurting you, I think the best solution is to let that person be. Surround you with people that want to learn, that do respect you.
That isn’t easy of course. Sometimes tough decisions have to be made. But if you stay in a negative situation it will make you sick.
To get back to my family, nobody ever learned to express their true feelings. Feelings were weak. The mind was everything. I learned that that didn’t work for me and slowly I started to express my vulnerable side. Oh so difficult and scary, because others always can hurt you. But I felt so much better and slowly I got more people around me who are caring and loving.
There is no 100% guarantee of course that you don’t get cancer if you change your mental patterns. Sometimes people choose to relieve themselves by a physical disease. But even then there is much you can do.

If you get cancer, start with detoxification. That is the first thing you should do. Your intestines hold all the negative thoughts and feelings. So start cleaning your intestines. A couple of klysma’s or a thorough cleansing of the intestines at a well-known institute is the first thing you should do.
I saw how this worked with my mother. The last 15 years or so from her life she coughed a lot. And not simple coughs, but every morning she coughed like 1 hour or so as if her lungs came out of her body. All the negativity tried to find a way out.
At the end of her life she had to have a stoma. Before the surgery they cleaned her intestines. And guess what? After that she never coughed anymore till she died 1 year later.
That is how important clean intestines are. You have to get rid of all the negativity that you have saved inside your body. All the negative thoughts, all the disappointments from your entire life, get rid of it!

Besides detoxification you should adjust your diet. You could try the bloodtyp or genotype diet from the Canadian Dr. Peter D’Adamo. It is not really a diet, but more another way of life.
I started with the bloodtyp diet to feel better again. Just by eating what was right for my bloodtyp I lost 24 pounds. I progressed with the genotype diet . Not to lose weight, but just to feel better. And in January 2015 did a new test from dr. Adamo, the Swami Xpress. It is a personalized test and I think it is great. It helps you feel so much better.

And with the detoxification and the right diet, start working on your mental patterns. You could use the book of Louise Hay “You can heal your life”. It describes how you can use affirmations every day to change certain mental patterns.
Affirmations are little sentences that you say to yourself every day a couple of times to change a mental pattern. When you feel bad about yourself you could say something like “I love and appreciate myself”. Say that 5 times a day (for instance in the morning when you are in the shower. It is easy)
Give it time for your unconsciousness to accept it. That can take a couple of weeks. And keep saying those affirmations for the rest of your life. It will make you feel so much better.
And when there are new obstacles in your life, create a new positive affirmation and start saying that every day. I think I have 15 affirmations every day and I feel great saying them.

Louise Hay cured herself of cancer by changing her food pattern and by using affirmations etc.
You can buy the book here: ... 0937611018
or here: ... 1100318469
You could search for a therapist that could help you with all of this.
I do my affirmations every day and in time I noticed that I feel so much better, so I will be doing them until I die.

I hope you understand what I have written. If you get ill, whatever disease it may be, try to understand the meaning behind the disease and change the mental patterns that go with your disease.
Good luck!

Johanna :)
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