Interview Earth Matters - 26 March 2013

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Interview Earth Matters - 26 March 2013

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Earth Matters interview with Little Grandmother | Kiesha Crowther
Kiesha in Rotterdam

By: Arjan Bos

(Earth Matters) After the powerful ceremony in Rotterdam last summer so much has happened. The ancient and sacred crystal was placed in it's final location, Kiesha moved to Holland and lot's more. Time for an update:

Many people had very special experiences in the ceremony in Rotterdam last summer, how was it for you?

It was a wonderful ceremony, I was defiantly surprised by the amount of people that showed up as well, I have never seen such a sea of people arrive for the love and support of Mother Earth. It warmed my heart so much to see the people of beautiful Holland so dedicated to moving forward and being an active part of change. Thirteen hunderd people arrived and over five thousand ended up viewing the live stream of the ceremony in which everyone meditated at once sending love to Mother Earth and prayed for Her healing and for love to become the new consciousness on planet earth. My heart still fills with such joy thinking back to this moment. It was an evening that I will never forget and I can easily say it was the greatest moment of my spiritual gathering life.

Can you share with us what the ceremony was like that was held afterwars?

After we gathered in Rotterdam, a small group of individuals went with me to the location chosen to be the new home for the ancient and sacred crystal. This crystal has been handed down from shaman to shaman, wisdom keeper to wisdom keeper until the day would arrive in which it would be placed in its final location to unify the lay lines and energy grid system on planet earth. Where it would not only join together the energy grid but link up the other sacred crystals that had been placed in their sacred locations around the planet. These crystals are placed in the earth to strengthen not only mother earth herself but to hold the frequency of healing and love for humanity. As we all prayed together and sent our energy, our prayers and healing into the crystal together in Rotterdam the crystal itself awoke with an energy higher than anything I have ever felt before. This little group of people gathered together where we placed it into the earth with our prayers, blessed earth from all the provinces of Holland, sacred water from the Great Pyramid of Egypt and a blessed stone from the Dalai Lama. It was an amazing and very humbling experience to have. Knowing that peoples prayers from all over the world were there with us made it an exceptional experience to behold.

You chose Holland for this ceremony and a couple of month later your living here yourself! Why did you move and what are your plans to do here?

Moving to Holland was a decision made for many reasons, but it does feel like coming home and I'm so pleased to be here, to be with the people who feel like family. One of the biggest reasons I have continued to come to Holland over the last few years is because of the awakening that is happening here, the consciousness of love is growing here faster than anywhere else I have been. I was told long ago that the light would begin in the North and would spread through out the world and today I can see this happening. No where else on earth have I felt the consciousness moving toward love as intensely as I have here in Holland. Each wisdom keeper also has a special connection to one crystal that has been placed in the Earth, Mine happens to also be the crystal that was placed in Holland. I have a physical and spiritual, an energetic and a conscious connection to this crystal. There for I have made a commitment to being a guardian over it. There are many reasons I am here in Holland, the crystal of course as well as being in the place that I believe the change is taking place the quickest but also because it is of course where my partner is from. I am with out a doubt home!

We're well in 2013 already, how was your december 21th, 2012 experience?

Mine was a quiet one, we spent the day in a peaceful state of mind welcoming in the new Mayan calendar and all the splendor it might bring in. Many people believed it would be a big day of change and so many people linked this date in with the magnetic pole shifts that I often talk about, but one must remember these are two very different things. The 21st of December 2012 is not the end of the world but the end of a calendar and the beginning of a new calendar cycle. The Mayan people never said it was the end of the world! So on that day we just simply had a peaceful loving day with the family!

In your book I read "My higher self might have chosen to learn from suffering, but I didn't". What do you mean by that? Do you see the higer self like the gnositcs as a prison to break free from?

I do not recall ever saying that, perhaps the translation got a bit mixed up in the Dutch version if that is the one you are referring to. I believe that my higher self is what is giving me every experience, every encounter, every moment I have here on earth so that I can learn and grow from these experiences. I also believe that it is our own Great I Ams, or our spirits, our spark of God, that loves us more than anything else could, and knows what we need here on earth. What lessons we need to grow and learn from, as life is one big lesson, a school if you will. So I believe weather it was learning and growth from good or bad, hard or easy, suffering or joy, I did learn something! If I did not learn from it, then the same lesson will come again. Someone once told me, to feel pain is just painful but to suffer threw something means you are learning and growing. Suffering might be very hard and not something fun to go threw but you will definitely come out the other side a changed person for better or for worse. It's up to us which one of these it will be.

What was the greatest lesson in life for you so far?

Wow, that is a big question! I think my greatest lesson or my bigest aha moment was realizing that life was so much more than I thought it was. I still can remember perfectly the moment my mind opened and I got it, really got it! That I am much bigger than I once thought, that I am a true spark of God, everlasting energy, light and love, creation and awareness. That life here on earth is not determined by how many rules we can follow, and how well we follow them determined by a man made religion, but truly being aware that we are co creators of this life, that we are infinite sparks of creation. We are true consciousness and we chose to come here to this planet to have an experience. In this moment of realizing such a profound thing, I was also free, free of others opinions of me, free of religion and the constant struggle to be what others wanted me to be. I was free in that moment because I KNEW I was so much bigger than this earth life and that this singular moment on this planet was a gift, each moment given to me by my own devine self, that each and everyone of us is being guided and directed by our own great I am. There for no one can judge others journey in this life. It was the greatest moment of my life.

You first gathering is the 30th of march in Utrecht. Can you give away some subjects that you are going to talk about?

I want to share with the people of Holland why I chose to come and live here in this beautiful country and how we can all get back to the core of who we are. I want to share some of the teachings i have been given in order to get ones truest self back into connection with their own Great I am and Mother Earth. Its time for us to wake up, remember who we are and open our minds to the greater possibilities in life!

You are also helping out a school with the proceeds of the meeting, the first spiritual school in the Netherlands, can you tell us a littlebit more about that?

I am not the best person to give the details of this school, so I have invited the creators of the school to come and speak to us all. I on the other hand saw something beautiful trying to happen, a few wonderful people trying to do something great and wanted to help them! This is what we all should do, when we see someone brave enough o change their world we should support them! I look forward to learning more about this school as well!

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