The 7 Sacred Crystals

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The 7 Sacred Crystals

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Hi everybody,
Kiesha Crowther, Little Grandmother, was trusted with 7 large Sacred Crystals, that had to be given back to Mother Earth at a certain place and at a certain time. And 2 additional Special Crystals.

-The 1st was placed back in 2010 in Santa Fe, New Mexico.
Healing of the wounded masculine and feminine within humanity.

-The 2nd was placed back in 2010 in the Redwoods, California , USA. The giant Sequoia Trees.
For humamity to open their hearts to the natural world again.

-The 3rd was placed back in 2010 in Maui, Hawai.
To honor the way of the sacred waters; as well as to awaken the deeply honored feminine and to respect the gentle and loving energies of the Lemurian people.

-The 4th one was placed back at the 2nd of September 2010 at the No Mind Festival in Angsbacka, Sweden.
Awakening the human consciousness.

-The 5th one was placed back in 2011 in Alexandria, Egypt.
Healing of humanity and the strenghtening of the eart's energy grid.

The 6th one was placed back at the 17th of June 2012 in the Netherlands.
For the purpose of blessing the water.

-The 7th one was placed back at the 2nd of November 2015 in Lake Titicaca in Peru.
Prayers for the healing of our Mother, for Her waters to be cleansed and respected. Prayers for the energetic leylines to be powerful and strong. for the crystals in the Earth to carry our prayers. For humanity to move into the heart and to live as one with the natural laws and orders in the circle of life again.Prayers for all indigenous peoples, for their welfare and happiness, for them to be respected and honored, their traditions and ways to be listened to and understood by the masses.

And the 2 special crystals:
The 1st one was placed back in Arkansas, USA, at the 10th of Oct. 2010.
For the healing of the Sacred Feminine.

The 2nd one was placed near Fukushima, near the power plant, Japan.
To delete radiation. Healing for the ocean and the waterfalls and streams.

More about these ceremonies in the 2 books, that Kiesha published:
-Message for the tribes of many colors
-Earth, Water, Fire, Wind

Johanna :)
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