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Bar Mitswa of Jaimie


My cousin Jaimie, the son of my sister, has celebrated his Bar Mitswa on June the 15th 2002.
I thought it would be a nice idea to create a page on my website for him.

Here he is: jaimie

What is Bar Mitswa? Well it is the tradition in the Jewish religion of becoming a member of the grown-up world. man playing guitar
Quite a step for a young boy or girl.
And although Jaimie does not really practice the Jewish religion it still is a big step.
And it is nice to have a big party, isn't it?

He also loves Baseball and is very good at it!

baseball baseballgrowing up

So now he has become a part of the adult world.

Here is the invitation all of us got:


Luckily for all of us, that don't understand Hebrew we got this with it:

Barmitswa Jaimie Barmitswa Jaimie So now it is time to party! I know you had a lot of fun!

And here is how he looked in June 2006


And here are some photos of Jaimie and his brother Jessie when they were diving during a holidays:

Jaimie Jaimie Jessie Jessie

Perhaps it is a nice idea to send Jaimie some emails.