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Johanna Ouwerling

Fresh as a southern breeze...

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About me

johannaMy name is Johanna Ouwerling and I live in Arnhem, the Netherlands.
In 1999 I started working with a PC. I began with a Pentium 133 and learned about Windows, Word, Email and the Internet. Soon I found out, that there are a lot of nice people online. If I wanted information on something there always was somebody that wanted to help me. And also if I had a difficult emotional time, my online friends are always there for me! Thanks guys!
I started to create my own website. It gave and gives me lots of pleasure making it and lots of people email me saying they like it.
I also did build a new PC for myself.

I created a second website, the sarah-brightman.nl and a third one the tina-turner.nl and later on the patriciakaas.nl and secretsisters.nl.
And to tell you the truth now, I am addicted to working with my PC.
I also started recording music with it; I began to make VCD's, DVD's, edited videos, recorded films on my PC from my VCR and HI8, put the music from cassettes and LP's on a cd etc. Look at: www.jomedio.nl!

I also am very interested in all kind of spiritual things. I am an astrologer as well and am always interested in the development of mankind in this particularly important time for the Earth.
I am very connected with nature. I love animals and am happy to live in an environment with lots of trees and ponds.

I hope you enjoy my websites and love to hear from you!