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Johanna Ouwerling

Fresh as a southern breeze...

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I love poetry and will try to put some poems on this site.

Fairy love

   When the moon is just right Moving Picture of an Elf
     the sweet pipes of Pan
   are heard in the meadow.

Tis then that the fairies fall
in love, out of the sky
they fall, they dive, they loop
they spin and shine.


Picture of a moving male Elf


Oh what a sight to behold
not for the timid, for the bold
on the night the fairies fall
the earth laughs in periwinkle.



Oh what a wonder to tell
with all the magic of Tinker BellePicture of female Elf
they fall, they dive, they loop
they spin and stop time.

Even the good old earth rest
for this one night
in a century
when the fairies fall in love.




Irish Blessing
Picture of a moving Fountain

May you have walls for the wind

And a roof for the rain,

And drinks beside the fire

Laughter to cheer you

And those you love near you,

And all that you heart maydesire


Picture of chocolate Cookie Picture of chocolate CookieYou are a trip, chocolate chip

playful n` cooky, sweet as a cookie.

I tell the truth. You taste better than a Baby Ruth.

Unlike M n` M`s, you melt in my hands,

opening gates to fairylands.

With my Nutty Buddy, we can go far,

sharing a Mars or a Hershey bar.

               If this poem seems too sweet, have a glass of milk. Picture of chocolate CookiePicture of chocolate Cookie

Morning, Evening and Night


it comes to give us Happiness, Freshness and Courage of life, but only if we start  

our  morning with good thinking


it gives us Relaxation, but only if we have done something

good during the dayPicture of a moving FlowerPicture of a moving FlowerPicture of a moving Flower


it gives us Peace of mind, that we&

passed one more day of our life, but  only 

if we have not hurt someone

(from Mian)


Don`t walk in front of me, I may not follow

Don`t walk behind me, I may not lead

Walk beside me and be my friend

(from Mian)

japanese garden

The kiss of the Sun for pardon

The song of the Birds for mirth

One is nearer God`s Heart in a garden

Than anywhere else on earth

(from the Compton Acres Gardens in Bournemouth, Great-Britain)

japanese garden


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