Johanna Ouwerlingat my website. My name is Johanna Ouwerling and I love to make websites. I play with colours, music and text.
I have a lot of interests and I am sure, that you will find something here you like.
I am very interested in all kind of spiritual things like Stonehenge, Milkyway, Egypt, Tree of Life, Astrology, White Eagle
and I love animals! Happy surfing! 

I also love communicating with people from all over the world. Because of my websites I get emails from people from a lot of different countries and also through Facebook I made some nice friends. It is fantastic that this is possible nowadays!

Enjoy my websites and if you want to ask or write anything, please contact me!


Louise Hay Affirmations

Louise Hay is a spiritual teacher. She works a lot with affirmations. If you have a problem in your life, affirmations can do a lot of good.


Louise Hay Wisdomcard


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Lenormand Card Reading

Madame Lenormand was a clairvoyant and did card readings. Try it out for yourself. Do a cardreading with the Lenormand cards.


Madame Lenormand Card


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Tree of Life

The Tree of life is an important part of the Qabala (Kaballah). Its origin lies in Egypt some 3000 years B.C. Read more about it.


Life Flower


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