Adventure in the Sea!!

I Love the Sea.
Where I live there is everything but the sea. It is not far away, about 1,5 hours drive with a car, but I don`t often have the chance of going to sea.
Well lets make a trip to the sea here. You want to join me?
But first a little poem about the sea:

Sebastian: Samuel E. Wright

Under the Sea

The seaweed is always greener In somebody else's lake.

You dream about going up there.

But that is a big mistake.

Just look at the world around you,

Right here on the ocean floor.

Such wonderful things surround you.

What more is you lookin' for?

Under The Sea, Under the Sea.

Darlin' it's better, down where it's wetter.

Take it from me.

Up on the shore they work all day.

Out in the sun they slave away.

While we devotin' full time

to floatin' Under the Sea



Ok. Put on your bathing suit and take with you your diving equipment and we are on our way.
If you get frightened, let the octopus guide you back! Follow the little Fish. Ok lets go!!!



calimara yellow fishyellow fishyellow fish