I have been practicing astrology for 20 years now, mostly for myself and the people around me. If you want to know more about yourself or you have any questions and/or problems, let me make me your chart. I'll put it all in writing, so that you can read it through always. For more info Click Here!!

It is fascinating to find out, why we are here on earth. What we have chosen to learn. Through astrology I learn a lot of why people are, how they are and how I can sometimes help them and myself to grow further and raise our consciousness. Everyday I do something with it and it makes life exciting and worth living!

Sun Virgo Moon

Books I found very helpful in this important time for humankind are:

1.Barbara Marciniak: Bringers of the dawn

2.Barbara Marciniak: Earth

3.Barbara Hand Clow: The Pleiadan Agenda

4.Virginia Essene: New Cells, New Bodies, New Life

5.Virginia Essene: The Descent of the Dove

6.Virginia Essene: You are becoming a Galactic Human

If you want to know more about the Chiron, which is very important  in a chart, go here!!