1. barb israel

    i first watched the series in 1981/82 on PBS here in NYC..and was blown away by how great it was!..then 30 years later..present day..when i saw it was being shown again..i began watching it every wed night..once again completely hooked..THEN 2 weeks ago in the episode where sigfried and james go off to join up in 1940..i realized that THAT episode must be the end of the series..i was CRESTFALLEN!..so when i checked my tv schedule and saw that there was another episode coming the following wed..needless to say i was THRILLED..but when i watched it this past wed..i was confused and horrified!..it was commpletely different..with someone else playing helen..and the other characters hardly seemed like the same people!..then i found out that THAT was from 1988..not the original series..i can’t tell you what a bad taste that left in my mouth!..in my opinion they RUINED it!!..they should have left well enough alone and let it go down in ‘tv history’ with the dignity and excellence it exhibited in the first go-round..sorry but i just had to vent!..

    • johanna

      Hi Barb,
      I like the first Helen the best too. Carol Drinkwater is a great actress.
      But having said that, I did like the seasons 4-7 nevertheless. 🙂

      • barb israel

        hi johanna..
        what i was referring to wasn’t only about helen being played by someone else..it was the WHOLE show..and i suppose not expecting it and having no idea that this episode was from a ‘2nd’ series years later didn’t help…so for me it was a total shock..and rather depressing ..after only a couple of minutes, in utter bewilderment, ..i actually said..”what the hell is this?”..and i was sorry i had seen it..again, they should have left well enough alone..the first series was the JEWEL..the 2nd one was flogging a dead horse..trying to ‘recapture’…that never works..

        • barb israel

          just for the record though ..
          while it’s great to have a forum where one can vent these trivial littlethings?…i’m over it…moved on..
          thanks for your feedback

  2. Judy

    Hi, I was so confused every Wednesday night I watch the show. They go off rto war and the next week everyone is beyond much older . He had a new wife and two children. Why did they skip several seasons in between????? Why didn’t they keep it in order. It’s like they lost two or three seasons at least. Can anyone explain.

    • johanna

      Hi Judy,
      I have no idea why they did it like that, but I think it has to do with the fact that Helen was played by Linda Bellingham then. They changed it a bit.
      But overall i still liked it. 😀

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