1. Debra

    Oh wow, I love Little Grandmother/Kiesha Crowther. She had quite an effect on me when I first saw a vid by her. :O)

  2. Johanna Ouwerling

    Here is an update from Kiesha, 28 Oct. 2015:
    “Dearest Tribe of many colors,
    Today we will be doing ceremony on Machu Picchu to connect to the ancient elders and Mother Earth, Pacha Mama.
    Join your hearts with us, connecting humanity back to the Mother.
    In love and light,
    Little Grandmother”


  3. Another update from Kiesha, 31 Oct. 2015
    “Dearest tribe of many colors,
    Due to traffic complications we will be arriving at lake Titicaca late tomorrow night, so we will be doing the ceremony the next day, on the 2nd of November. Please join us, connect in with your heart, send your prayers for the healing of Mother Earth and Humanity.
    We send you our love from Cusco.
    Little Grandmother”


  4. 6 Nov. 2015
    And another update from Kiesha. The 7th and last Sacred Crystal has been put back in Mother Earth!
    Here is Kiesha’s message and some photos.
    “Hello my dear Tribe of Many Colors, friends and family..
    Its with great joy that i can say the crystal has been placed inside lake Titicaca!!! It was a spectacular ceremony, one that none of us will ever forget! Thank you for all of your hearts and your prayers that were connected in with us during this precious time. Each of you were there with us and felt so closely. The last few days have truly been life changing and i would like to say a special thanks to the Inca people, for their kindness, their love and their true dedication to Pacha Mamma, what a grand example they are to human kind. May we all go forward, living our lives with love and acceptance, let us begin the great shift from ego into the love consciousness that we are so desperate for. It is time!
    Love Little Grandmother”.


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