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Diane Pernet – ASVOFF – Film Festival

Hi everybody,
This weekend there is a Film Festival at the MOBA (Fashion event) in Arnhem, the Netherlands.
It is all about Diane Pernet and her ASVOFF ( A Shaded View On Fashion Film).
Here is what is written on Diane’s site:
“Since its launch in 2008, ASVOFF (www.asvoff.com) has gained critical acclaim for encouraging both emerging and established artists to reconsider the way that fashion is presented and for challenging the conventional parameters of film.
ASVOFF debuts in Paris during fashion week and tours the globe with subsequent screenings at prestigious institutions and events like the Barbican, the Guggenheim and Cannes Film Festival in a host of creative capitals such as New York, London, Tokyo, Milan, Moscow, Mexico City – and in this January at the Caixa Forum Barcelona in the Spanish city.
ASVOFF is not only a competition of short fashion, style and beauty films but also a travelling international event showcasing feature films, documentaries, conferences, performances and installations – making it a must-see on both the fashion calendar and the film circuit.
Genre-bending and groundbreaking, it has already brought together such illustrious names as Chris Cunningham, Róisín Murphy, Nick Knight, Erwin Olaf, Nobuyoshi Araki, Tilda Swinton, Steven Klein, Mike Figgis, Chloë Sevigny, Dita Von Teese, Max Vadukul, Bruce Weber and Ryan McGinley as well as Yves Saint Laurent, Gucci, Gareth Pugh, Sergio Rossi, Hussein Chalayan, Mr. Pearl, Rodarte, Givenchy, Yohji Yamamoto & Thom Browne.

Here is a photo of Diane Pernet, Lidewij Edelkoort, Erwin Olaf (famous photographer) and Orlan (artist), taken at the MOBA in Arnhem.

Diane Pernet - Lidewij Edelkoort - Erwin Olaf - Orlan

I love going to museums, exhibitions and all sorts of other things that have to do with art, fashion etc. Here is a collection of what I saw or what I liked the past few years.

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Dafne Schippers Worldchampionship Athletics – 2015
Dita von Teese
Dita von Teese – New Perfume
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Floralien 2014 – Den Bosch – The Netherlands
Fundatie Museum 2013 – Zwolle – The Netherlands
Fundatie Museum – 9 July 2017 – Exhibition Jeroen Krabbé – Friso ten Holt – The Netherlands
Gisele Bundchen – Olympics –  2016
Exhibition Jan Taminiau and Fashion and Design Festival Arnhem – July 2018 – The Netherlands
MOBA Arnhem 2013 – The Netherlands – Mode Biennale
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MOBA Arnhem 2013 – The Netherlands – Diane Pernet
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Princess Diana and Exhibition Kensington Palace – 2017 – UK
RAVAGE Exhibition – Museum Arnhem – 11 June 2017 – The Netherlands
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Royal Palace Soestdijk 2013 – The Netherlands
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