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Keisha Crowther – Little Grandmother – Healing Mother Earth

Hi everybody,
For a couple of years now most people are aware that it is important to take good care of Mother Earth.
We took too much from its resources, we polluted the water and we didn’t take good care of its animals and nature.
That has to stop.
I always knew that planet Earth is important in the universe.
Recently I heard from Keisha Crowther. She is a shaman and very connected to planet Earth and nature.
I am reading her book “Message for the tribe of many colours” now.  I love it!
It is available in several languages, including in Dutch. (Little Grandmother)

Keisha Crowther

She explains why planet Earth is so important in the universe. It is in fact holy and is regarded as such by beings all over the universe.
Planet Earth is the heart chakra of the universe. And as you can imagine, nobody can live without a heart, so that is why it is so important that we heal our planet Earth.
We live in a time that we go from our rational view (male view) to our heart (female).
Keisha Crowther visits lots of countries to give workshops and seminars in which you can contribute to healing Mother Earth.
If you get the chance, go to one of them!

Keisha Crowther

There are several videos on Youtube with Keisha Crowther.
Here is one of them. Let’s heal Mother Earth!

And a video with a Healing Meditation for Mother Earth with Kiesha Crowther.

Also a part from an interview Kiesha did for Earth Matters:

You chose Holland for this ceremony (Placing a Sacred Crystal back in Mother Earth in Rotterdam, The Netherlands) and a couple of month later your living here yourself! Why did you move and what are your plans to do here?

Kiesha: Moving to Holland was a decision made for many reasons, but it does feel like coming home and I’m so pleased to be here, to be with the people who feel like family. One of the biggest reasons I have continued to come to Holland over the last few years is because of the awakening that is happening here, the consciousness of love is growing here faster than anywhere else I have been. I was told long ago that the light would begin in the North and would spread through out the world and today I can see this happening. No where else on earth have I felt the consciousness moving toward love as intensely as I have here in Holland. Each wisdom keeper also has a special connection to one crystal that has been placed in the Earth, Mine happens to also be the crystal that was placed in Holland. I have a physical and spiritual, an energetic and a conscious connection to this crystal. There for I have made a commitment to being a guardian over it. There are many reasons I am here in Holland, the crystal of course as well as being in the place that I believe the change is taking place the quickest but also because it is of course where my partner is from. I am with out a doubt home!

Spirituality is a big part of my life. I am an astrologer too and I always look behind the things. Furthermore I am very connected with nature and with Mother Earth. It is important that we take good care of her!

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