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Louise Hay – You can heal yourself

Hello everybody,
Years ago I read Louise Hay’s first book “You can heal your life”.
Who is Louise Hay? She is the author of inspirational and self-help books.

Louise Hay

In her first book she tells us how she conquered cancer by changing the way she thought, cleaning her body and changing her food pattern.
The most important thing I learned from her is, that your life is like it is because of the way you think. If you have a lot of negative thoughts and opinions, you will attract negative people and negative life circumstances.
So if something isn’t working for you, you have to change the way you think.
Easily said than done of course.

Louise Hay Affirmations

But Louise showed us that by saying simple positive sentences to ourselves, every day, changes the way we live and act. These sentences are called “Affirmations”.
If you for instance have low selfesteem, try and start with saying “I love and appreciate myself”. You can do that every day a couple of times. Out loud or in yourself or before a mirror. Choose what suits you the best.
I for one do it when I am on my daily walk.
And if you continu doing so, you will notice that in time you will start feeling better about yourself. Others have less influence on you.
So it is a pretty simple thing to change your life. The mind is so powerful. We don’t know half of it.
Louise Hay has already written lots of books in lots of languages, so change your life and buy a book of her and start reading.
Here are some more affirmations.

Spirituality is a big part of my life. I am an astrologer too and I always look behind the things. Furthermore I am very connected with nature and with Mother Earth. It is important that we take good care of her!

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