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Palace Soestdijk – 1 Dec. 2013

Hi everybody,
Last sunday I went to the Palace Soestdijk, the former palace of our then queen Juliana and her husband Prince Bernhard.
It was a beautiful day. When I arrived, from the outside the palace looked beautiful.
I always like white buildings and this is situated very nicely in a big parc with a large pond.
Inside it is a bit different. There were great paintings and also all sorts of other items, but the palace feels a bit without a soul. That is understandable of course, since nobody lives there anymore.
What I noticed was that it looked a bit shabby and not renovated. I understand, because it still isn’t sure what they will do with the palace.
This exhibition is temporary. It is sad though. I hope they will make a decision about it soon, because now some items don’t look well, because they are broken etc.
Having said that I enjoyed the audio tour and learned a lot about the palace and its inhabitants.
Here are some photos of the outside, since it wasn’t permitted to make photos inside the building.

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