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Inner Child Exercise

Hi everybody,
We all have an inner child. It is the most vulnerable part of ourselves.
It is easy to ignore that or don’t listen to what it has to say. But that doesn’t make us happy. So it is better to once in awhile try and connect with it and hear what it is telling us.
It is not that difficult.
This is what you do:
Sit in a chair. Straight up. Put your hands on your lap and close your eyes.
Breathe a couple of times slowly, until you feel that you become quiet inside.
Imagine that you see a staircase and that you are on top of that.
You walk down the staircase.
At the end there is a door. Open that door.
You enter now the world of your inner child.
See what you see or smell there. Maybe you only see something black and else nothing.
Wait calmly what happens.
Maybe you already see a child. Can be boy or girl.
Go to your child and do what your heart tells you to do.
Ask your child how it is. Ask your child what he needs and promise your child to give it everything it needs.
Stay as long with your inner child till it is enough for you and for your child.
Say goodbye and take the staircase up again.
When you are up remain seated till you feel that you are completely in the here and now again. Do this all very calmly.
After this exercise you will feel much more peaceful and happy.

You can do this exercise in times of problems or always when you feel like doing it.
If you don’t see anything the first couple of times, don’t worry. Just continue doing the exercise. The inner child will appear one day.
Good luck!


Spirituality is a big part of my life. I am an astrologer too and I always look behind the things. Furthermore I am very connected with nature and with Mother Earth. It is important that we take good care of her!

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