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Led Zeppelin – Stairway to Heaven – Kennedy Center Honors – Heart

Hi everybody,
When I was young, well I mean really young, I loved hard rock. Bands like Led Zeppelin, Deep Purple, Uriah Heep etc.
I still love those songs like “Stairway to heaven”, “What a whole lotta of love”, “Look at yourself”, “Lazy” etc.
Recently Led Zeppelin got honoured at the Kennedy Center Honors.
They were honoured, among others, by Heart. They performed a fantastic “Stairway to Heaven”.
Here it is. Love it!

I love all sorts of music, from Tina Turner to musicals and operettes.
Here is a selection and I will add more in the years to come. 😀

Amira – Holland’s Got Talent
Adèle – Rolling in the Deep – Royal Albert Hall – 2014
Adèle – Funny Videos – James Gorden and Elle Degeneres – 2016
Argentine Tango with Football
Beyond – Mother Videoclip
Grammys 2015 – Hozier and Annie Lennox
Great Music Video BBC – 2014
Great Video – 3 Women in a Car – 2015
Led Zeppelin – Stairway to Heaven by Heart – Kennedy Center Honors – 2013
The Common Linnets – Semi Final Songfestival – 2014
The Voice UK – 2014
Tina Turner – Fan Singing “Proud Mary”
Tina Turner – Dutch Roses for Wedding – 2013
Tina Turner – First Good Wedding Photo – 2013
Tina Turner – RIP Prince – Anastacia and Tina Turner