1. Keep going Johanna and listen to you body. I learned that your 6th sense and instinct make most decisions. I don’t have serious weight problems but would like to know whether these kinds of diets help with stomach and digestive problems. I once had food poisoning and ever since stomach problems. However I wish good luck in achieving your goal.

    • johanna

      Thanks! I am sure the bloodtype diet could help you. Just buy the book and try it out. it did me a world of good. Good luck! 😀

  2. johanna

    By September 2015 I have lost 24 pounds. I am now around 160 pounds. (am 1.72 meter)
    I still want to lose another 10 pounds, but for the moment my motivation is a bit low, so I go on eating according to the Bloodtype Diet and in time maybe I can lose those extra 10 pounds. 😀

    • Debra

      Hi Johanna
      I’ve been following blood type diet for 2-3 years now and love it! Found out I’m a non-secretor which made a huge difference (type A) and also I’m Rh- which makes a diff too, so I’m learning, learning all the time still. Plus I’m still detoxing! I’ve changed my whole lifestyle now so I dont eat late at night, and boy, has that brought on a huge detox episode, but I keep going!

      I guess 160 pounds (1.72 meter) is a little on the heavy side by sound of it, but keep going! Don’t give up! Think positive and you will learn new tips and tricks on how to do it as you go along I’m sure.
      Debra x

  3. Brian

    I just start this diet and after read your story
    it give me even more Hope in loosing weight and feeling better with myself thanks good job

  4. KIM

    Dr D’Adamo is amazing. My sister was almost crippled on crutches to walk such bad arthritis and all kinds of Allergies. She has followed his diet since. She was not walking with cruthes after a year had many allergies milk cream cheese lots of dairy and other things she changed in her diet. She is much healthier for it. The book and insight are amazing

    • johanna

      That is an amazing story Kim! Thanks for sharing. Yes I think what we eat and drink is much more important than most people think. 🙂

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