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The following is for the more advanced astrologers!! For Chiron in your own chart go here.

Chiron chiron and nibiru Nibiru

Chiron is the healer, the spiritual warrior. Chiron belongs to Virgo.

The place, where Chiron is in your own chart is your largest place of pain, your largest wound. The meaning of this is, of course, that you heal this wound. First you have to become conscious of this wound.

Chiron works very subtle in your chart. If it makes an aspect with another planet, you investigate that planet very thoroughly and then you bring the energy of that planet on a higher level. Chiron makes the planet more unstable till that planet is on a higher level.

"There is a Gift in every Wound,
a blessing in every crisis,
a light in every darkness,
love in every emotion,
a silver lining on every cloud,
a lesson in every experience,
a Service in every part of Creation."

(Chiron, channeled by Martin Lass)

The transits of Chiron are not subtle and are very difficult. You experience certain things on the specific area of the other planet that is aspected.
For instance if you have transit Chiron square Mars you will meet people and situations in which you have to be assertive.
But you have to use your anger in the right way, which can be very difficult. We're talking about a wound, so it hurts and the most easy thing to do is be angry and lash out at the people that are hurting you.
You have to transform your anger in a way, that lets you be assertive without being only angry. In that way you heal yourself and you grow spiritually.

Exercises with your inner child are also very helpful.

"Healing is the gradual awakening
to the perfection
of your life."
(Chiron, channeled by Martin Lass)

Transits of Chiron with your Chiron in your chart and also with other planets give the opportunity of spiritual enlightment.
You can experience one of the following things: diseases, death, near death experiences or other radical changes in your consciousness.
But when you are aware of what is going on, it is a very big opportunity to grow!

You also can feel pretty lonely during Chiron transits. As if you are disconnected from the world and other people.
As if you live in a different world. In fact that is true a bit. Use these times and forces to grow spiritually! The loneliness will disappear.
Don't use alcohol or drugs in these times, since you are very close to the other world and you can go there, if you are not careful.

Nibiru NibiruNibiruNibiruNibiruNibiruNibiruNibiru

Nibiru rules our relationships with the gods. These are in fact the extraterrestrials (ET`s). Nibiru rules over the balance in our solar system.
Nibiru belongs with Libra.

It does unbalance the orbital patterns of the other planets. It seeks the weakest spot in them; it crosses the orbital patterns of the other planets.
This to make the other conscious of these weak spots, so that they can fix those and then restore the balance.

So at first Nibiru is the initiator, the one that goes to the core of something. It sees a problem and brings it to the surface.
This to give the other the opportunity to deal with the problem and by doing so, gain more balance.

Nibiru is the source of understanding of the difficulties and the enlightment of the gods!

If Nibiru is close to the Sun and the Earth, every 3600 years, there are many changes and many contacts with extraterrestrials.
3600 years ago this was also the case. Then there was the Santorini(or Thera) catastrophe.
Large parts of Greece, Asia and Egypt were swept away by big waves then.
The waves came from the island Santorini, through a volcanic eruption. As a result of that there were many climate changes and it caused a lot of fear in the genes of mankind. This fear was the cause of the belief that the female was responsible for all the destruction and the chaos and that the male could only prevent such chaos and destruction. In those days the patriarchy took over and the matriarchy lost her power.
Now is the time that we must conquer those fears and matriarchy must become stronger again to heal mankind.

Zecharia Sitchin was the first investigator of Nibiru. He wrote about it in his book The Twelfth Planet.
Chiron can help us to conquer our fear by releasing the physical and to be open for more subtle consciousness. Chiron is the bridge to the outer planets.

Nibiru comes in our solar system through Pluto. Many people feel the 4th dimension now. By tuning into your feelings and your chakras you have access to the 4th dimension. When we let the more subtle vibrations in our lives, we become more open to meet the Gods(ET`s).
Chiron helps us let those other vibrations into our consciousness so that Nibiru can let the Gods come into our lives.

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