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An explanation of Chiron in the signs by Martin Lass

Chiron in AriesChiron

Deep wound to your sense of self. Can be physical abuse, wound or deformity. Feeling of worthlessness. You strive to assert yourself. Can be self-sabotaging. Never feel good enough.

Suggestion: Make a list of areas your life in which you do feel worthy. Identify your true value and how that serves you and others. Keep listing until your Heart opens to loving yourself. Don't give up. Also, list the ways in which others' 'bad' treatment of you has helped you to learn how to assert yourself and to value yourself more. Again, keep listing until your Heart opens to them and to yourself for experiencing the lesson.

The Gift: The acknowledgement of your true worth, loved for who you are inside. The universe loves you just for being who you are.

Chiron in Taurus

A wound of feeling that you have never been given enough-materially, emotionally, mentally or spiritually. Ultimately, your Heart feels neglected and undernourished. Others seem to get more than you no matter what you do.

Suggestion: Make a list of what you have received in your life, particularly from your parents and loved ones. Keep listing until you can acknowledge the abundance that the universe has provided for you with Gratitude and Love. For those that you feel have not given you your due, list the ways in which not receiving has helped you to acknowledge the true abundance that lies inside you-in your Heart.

A lovely FlowerThe Gift: The acknowledgement of the abundance of Love that lies within your Heart the universe provides. You were created in Love to express Love. There is no end to Love.

Chiron in Gemini

A deep wound of feeling unintelligent, stupid, slow, not as smart as others. Also, can be a feeling of inability to communicate clearly or effectively to others. You strive to know with ceaseless fervor. Something inside you is wishing to be understood and heard by others.

Suggestion: Make a list of areas where you have great knowledge. Don't accept 'I don't know' for an answer. Keep digging within to find where your true deep knowledge lies. Also, list those around you that learn from you and your knowledge and wisdom. How does your knowledge in any given area serve others?

The Gift: The deep pursuit of knowledge and the ability to communicate wisdom to others. The acknowledgement of your own 'knowing' that lies in your Heart, beyond words. This communicates to others without words.

Chiron in Cancer

This wound is a bottom pit that no amount of love seems able to fill. The feeling of being unwanted, unloved, not nurtured or not looked after. You try to rescue the unloved in you and in the world around you.

Suggestion: Make a list of those people that love you. For each, list the ways that they show or have shown their love. Where you feel a lack of love, list the ways that this has helped you to turn to the undying love that lies deep in your own Heart. The wellspring of Love is in you, not outside you. For those that you would try to rescue, list the ways that their predicament is serving them to awaken their own Hearts.A lovely Flower

The Gift: The discovery of the infinite Love that lies within your Heart, waiting for you to acknowledge it. You are Love. The gradual understanding that all things in life serve to turn you back to that Love within.

Chiron in Leo

You feel deep down that you cannot express the things that are within you. Your essence, creativity and joie-de-vivre remains captive within. Perhaps you feel as though the opportunity has never been given to you or that others don't recognize your gifts and talents.

Suggestion: List the ways in which you shine in your life. List your creations and how they have served you and others. List the ways in which you do express what is inside of you. For all those people that you feel have thwarted you from expressing what is inside you, list the ways in which this has helped you to acknowledge and seek to express what is inside.

The Gift: The acknowledgement of the special ways that you contribute to the world-creations, expressions, service. The realization that no matter what others did or did not do, no matter what you did or did not do, you cannot help but shine.

Chiron in Virgo

The deep need for healing and integration. You feel as though there are things wrong with you that can never be fixed, never healed that you are somehow imperfectly constructed. No matter what seems to get fixed, it is never enough. Also, a deep sense of lack of wholeness.

Suggestion: List the areas of yourself and your life in which you are whole, healed and integrated. Don't accept 'in no way' for an answer! Keep digging. List the things that you think are not right with you. Then, for each thing, list the ways in which it is helping you to evolve, grow and heal. List the ways in which it is serving others and you will realize the special mission that you have been given by the universe.

The Gift: A deep understanding of healing. The acknowledgement of a universal plan that goes far beyond your limited view. The unveiling of the perfection of existence, that all things serve the realization of Love, that there is truly a guiding hand in the universe.

Chiron in Libra

The feeling that you cannot relate to others properly. Relationships seem to always go wrong. Peace seems to always be disrupted by others or yourself. You fear that you will never find the 'right person'.

Suggestion: Make a list of the 'positive' things that you have given others in relationships. Keep listing until your Heart opens. For each of your perceived 'failures', list the benefits, lessons and gifts that resulted from them, for others and for yourself. For all the times when peace was disrupted, list the benefits to you and others that it was so. Also, make a short list of attributes of a perfect partner for you. Then, for each one, list the ways in which you have these attributes in you.

The Gift: The realization that you are whole as you are. The appreciation that independence and dependence are inseparable and always equally balanced. The acknowledgement that Love can take many forms in relationship not always the usual view of peace and harmony.

Chiron in ScorpioA lovely Flower

A deep wound of great loss or death. Something or someone died from your life early on. The feeling that something inside you has died or been cut out, that your Heart is broken beyond repair. The fear that what you have could be taken from you in a moment.

Suggestion: Take the thing or person that was lost or died and list the things that you miss. For each one, list the ways in which what you miss is still present in your life. The form that it takes may be different from what you would expect, but it is there. Keep asking until you find it. Then list the ways the sense of 'missingness' has driven you to the acknowledgement and expression of your special gifts.

The Gift: The expansion of your understanding of yourself. The bringing out of unacknowledged Gifts. The eventual realization that nothing truly dies only the form changes spirit and Love is eternal and always available to your open Heart.

Chiron in Sagittarius

The feeling that you have no wisdom or deep understanding. Also, the feeling that you are an eagle inside, but are tied to a tether and cannot fly. The feeling that life was meant to glorious, an adventure, but something went wrong in your case.

Suggestion: List the ways in which you are wise and have deep understanding. List the ways in which others benefit from your wisdom. Keep digging for ways until your Heart opens and you acknowledge the wisdom that lies in your Heart. Also, list the ways in which you fly in which you scale the heights of human endeavor the ways in which your life is an adventure.

The Gift: The discovery and acknowledgement of the great wisdom that lies in your Heart. The realization that adventure and joy of life is to be had, no matter where you are or what you are doing. The adventure is inside, given to you by the universe.

Chiron in Capricorn

The wound of feeling that you are not recognized, acknowledged or heard. The feeling that no-one listens to you, that no-one recognizes your value, that you are not appreciated for what you have to offer and what you give to others.

A lovely FlowerSuggestion: List the ways in which you are acknowledged and appreciated by others. How do others hear you and how does that benefit you and them. Keep listing. Also, make a list of what your value is. Acknowledge your value. Then, for each instance where you feel you are not valued, recognized or heard, list the ways in which this has helped you to value, recognize and hear yourself.

The Gift: Ultimately, the acknowledgement of your own value. To recognize yourself and where your gifts lie. To listen and hear the messages of your Heart. To help others to do the same.

Chiron in Aquarius

A sense of disconnection, distance, isolation and alienation from the world and from the universe. Feeling different, like an outsider or alien. Cannot seem to relate to others the way others do. Feel lost in the crowd and unable to fit in.

Suggestion: List the special ways in which you are connected to life, to others, to the world and to the universe. List the benefits and gifts of feeling alone, isolated, alienated and disconnected. Keep digging it seems hard, but the benefits and gifts are there. Also, list the ways in which your 'differentness' is a gift and blessing to you and to others.

The Gift: The development of an objective and original viewpoint towards life. The eventual realization of the interconnectedness of everything. The acknowledgement of your special unique gifts. An appreciation of your individuality.

Chiron in Pisces

A deep wound of loss of faith in the universe. There seems to be no true justice the universe has betrayed you. How could the universe allow the things that happen in the world to happen. God has died at some point in your life.

Suggestion: Take the ways in which you feel the universe has betrayed you and, for each one, list the ways in which these events or circumstances have served you and served the others. What lessons of love were given by it and learned through it? Everything in the universe is an act of Love there is nothing but Love. Sometimes you don't recognize the form that that Love takes. Also, look at what you are doing in your life now and list the ways in which the past betrayals of the universe have helped to get you where you are now. There no accidents.

The Gift: The eventual acknowledgement and re-embracing of divinity the guiding hand the Loving master Plan. To open your Heart once more to Love and to the Creator. To see that all things serve on the path to Love and that there is nothing but Love in the universe.

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