How to post Videos and Images

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How to post Videos and Images

Post: # 4Post johanna
07 Nov 2015, 10:23

Hi everybody,
If you want to post a video in your post, this is what you do:
-Create a new topic
-Click on one of the video buttons at the right top (dailymotion,vimeo or youtube)
-And then paste the entire url or part of the entire url in the middle of it. Without the space before and after the Video ID.
See below for more info.

Youtube: the entire link [youtube] [/youtube]
Dailymotion: only the 6 letters and numbers of the url [dailymotion] Video ID [/dailymotion]
Vimeo: the entire url [vimeo] ID [/vimeo]

If you want to post an image, you can use the "Attachments" feature at the bottom of the post. And then use the inline option.

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