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People who have diabetes are people who don't accept the "sweet" sides of life anymore. They don't accept love, affection and caresses anymore.
Because they feel they don't deserve those. They don't feel others can love them.
They feel they are not lovable, so they aren't open to receive love, because they are not entitled to it.
This is often because they had big disappointments in love and relationships.
And because of that, they don't want to confess that they in fact need love and affection.
Sugar and sugary things are often a compensation for their need for love and affection.
They eat it and get overweighted.
To cure it, these people have to start loving themselves again. Every person is important and has a right to be loved and appreciated.
But how do you do that?
Start with daily affirmations. Those are little sentences you say to yourself and repeat over and over again.
For instance 10 times a day, for instance when you are under the shower. It is easy.
Such a sentence could be: I love and appreciate myself.
Those are very powerful words.
If you say them every day for the rest of your life, it will tremendously help you.
Give it time. It will take a couple of weeks before your subconsciousness has incorporated this.
You will feel so much better.
And after you feel better you also can start giving love to others again. That is important too. Not only to be able to receive love and affection, but also to self give to others again.
And start moving each day. Walk for at least half an hour or if you have more energy start running, fitness, cycling, yoga etc. Moving will give your body more oxygen and will help you feel better about yourself.

More about affirmations you can read in the book of Louise Hay: You can heal your life.
You can read it online here: https://mkbhambu.files.wordpress.com/20 ... -l-hay.pdf

You can do it!

Johanna :)
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