Little Grandmother ceremony - Maas River - 28 Oct. 2018

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Little Grandmother ceremony - Maas River - 28 Oct. 2018

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29 Oct 2018, 06:20

Hi everybody,
Yesterday Little Grandmother held a water blessing ceremony on the river the Maas in the Netherlands.
They sang, they prayed and Little Grandmother returned a crystal back to the water, filled with love and positive thoughts.
You can do that too! If you have any crystals lying around, take them in your hands and send love and positive thoughts to the crystal. Then go to a river nearby and return the crytal to the water. That way the crystal will spread your love and positive thoughts through the world. :)
Here are some videos from the ceremony:



Singing and praying:

Throwing the crystal in the water:

Singing and sending blessings:

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