(Grand) Parents

A moving welcome Pictureto the page of my (Grand)Parents

It all began for me with my grandparents. These are the parents of my father.

Grandmother OuwerlingPicture of Roses that openGrandfather Ouwerling


And these are the parents of my mother: Grandmother MerselPicture of Roses that openGrandfather Mersel


And here are my parents. First when they were not married.

Photo of my Mother, when she was youngPhoto of my Father, when he was young


You can see it is a long time ago. Nowadays our photo`s look quite different
But the beach is always the same and very appealing to everybody.

Picture of the little pig of Winnie the Pooh dancingMy Mother and Father together, when they were youngPicture of the little pig of Winnie the Pooh dancing

MotherFather and MotherFather Then they married of course!

Father and MotherFather and Mother


Picture of  moving purple FlowersFather and Mother


Fantastic these photo`s, aren`t they? I love them.

My mother died on November 27th 2001, 20.53hr.