Years ago I heard the album Stone(d)henge from the rockgroup Ten Years After. On the cover were pictures of the large stones from Stonehenge. I always loved their music and as I saw the stones I knew I wanted to go there one day.
Well in july 2001 it happened. I  visited the south of England and I  also visited Stonehenge. 
It was a weird experience!
I did some research on it and found out, that by now Stonehenge is in a very bad state and I saw that that is true.
Due to people who ruined a lot. And by the english government, who build a road with busy traffic very nearby and who made a path through the circle, that forms the whole Stonehenge. Well people will be silly always, I guess.

By now there is the English Heritage group, that is planning to look after Stonehenge. We will see,if they are going to do it the right way. 
I hope they will restore Stonehenge and make it as it was. They can always make an attractionparc in the neighbourhood for people who only want to have fun and want to learn just a little bit about Stonehenge. Then the Henge again will become a sacred place, as it used to be!!

Stonehenge always gave me a dark feeling.
Stonehenge is place that is very important for extraterrestrials. Like the piramids of Gizeh there is a portal to other worlds. It is used as a base by starbeings from other planets. It is a sacred place.
In the earth beneath Stonehenge there is a large ship from these starbeings. More about this in the book from Kiesha Crowther (Little grandmother) "Message for the tribe of many colors".

Stonehenge is also a part of a chakra trail in Europe. Stonehenge is a part of a lot of places that are shaped as our chakra system and also as the planets above us.
Michael Seabrook writes this:
"In the book Element of Earth mysteries by Philip Heselton, archives investigations by Nigel Pennick and others have revealed numerous examples from Victorian times onwards of work on the alignments of ancient sites. One of the earliest was the reverend Edward Duke, who in the 1840's found several prehistoric sites including Avebury, Silbury Hill and Stonehenge who where not only aligned North and South with each other. He went further and tied the distances between the sites with the distances between the known planets of our solarsystem".

As for the connection to other worlds:
The comet Shoemaker_Levy plunged into the planet Jupiter in july 1994 and by doing that released energies, so that the vibration of our entire solar system is now being upgraded. 
Through the energy of the Sun and Jupiter mankind will go from the 3th through the 4th to the 5th dimension.This implies, that mankind will obtain again the 12-helix DNA pattern(we now only use 2!) and a new 13-chakra system (we now use 7!), which together will return humanity to full consciousness.
On Earth there are many Ley Lines. These Ley Lines are powerlines.

There also are 9 major Vortex locations on earth, See map. This is from the book: New Teachings from an awakening humanity from Virginia Essene). One of them is Stonehenge.
These Vortexes are portals to other solarsystems, to other worlds.
These 9 Vortexes and those Ley Lines form a great over-connecting web over the Earth.
This will help the Earth to raise the consciousness of mankind and to upgrade the vibration of our entire solar system. For more info about these vortexes see my Milkywaypage

Because these Vortexes are portals to other worlds, it is obvious, that they connect the Earth with other lifeforms(ET`s). We get a lot of help from them now; for instance from the Pleiades and Orion, because the Earth is very important for the entire universe. If the Earth ceases to exist it will influence the entire universe in a bad way. So therefore they want to help us very much. For more info on this subject see the books on my Astrology page.
When I visited Stonehenge, I did take some Photo`s and here are some of them and also some pictures and drawings from other sites:

What it used to be




How it is now




Stonehenge is also build like the starmap of the Little Dipper(Little Bear).
If you draw a line from the four stations( 91,92,93,94) to the Avenue( distance from 2,8 km from Stonehenge to the river Avon), you get the same drawing as the Little Dipper.

Little DipperStonehenge StarAvenue

Furthermore there is the story, that Stonehenge is Camelot. The place where King Arthur and the knights of the round table lived and where he was buried. The story of the magic sword Excalibur, which could give life.

It is obvious, that if Stonehenge is a portal to other worlds, but then of course also a portal to the astral world, the world where people go, when they die.

There are many websites about Stonehenge. I will mention a few.

The Links: