Tree of Life

A long time ago I came across the Tree of Life and lots of things that are connected with it. There are many people at the moment that are interested and busy with all kind of geometrical things. So I decided to make a page about the Tree of Life and other important things.

tree of life


The Tree of Life. Tree of Sephirot. Tree of Books.

Sepher in Hebrew means book or number.

The Tree of life is an important part of the Qabala (Kaballah). Its origin lies in Egypt some 3000 years B.C.
It was further developed by Jewish mystics between 100 and 600 AD and more thoroughly written between 1280 and 1286 by Moses ben Shem Tov de Leon in Guadalajara, Spain.

The Qabala originated in Judaism, but has been adapted to numerous other religious systems.

There was the mystic Jacob Boehme (1575-1624), whose writings influenced the nineteenth-century magicians, who led the Golden Dawn, which became known as the "Western Mystery tradition".

Qabala is a system of thought, a way to correlate a variety of archetypes, each symbolizing a different aspect of living.
Psychology, Tarot, Astrology, Mythology, Theosophy, Dreamworking, Numerology, Poetry and Geometry all harmonize in the Tree of Life.
The Tree is a map of personal energies and thought.
It is a way to bring balance and harmony into life.

In the sephirot one can see, where imbalances have developed and can do "patchwork" or active imagination" rituals and exercises to bring balance.

Qabala is relatively new, though the notion, that it is a reconstruction of the lost knowledge of the ancients adds to its appeal.
Some say the 10 commandments given to Moses on Mount Sinai are the same 10 sephirot in the Tree of Life.
Egypt is also included in the patronage.

tree of life


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