Tree of Life 2

There are 10 Spheres (Sephirots) and they are connected to each other with 22 Paths.

Each of the Paths is identified with:

1. A Letter in Hebrew Alphabet
2. One of the Major Tarot Trumps.
3. A Zodiacal Sign or Body.
4. Any Number of other mnemonic triggers, like Fragrances, Metals, Gems, Magical Weapons, Animals, Egyptian, Nordic, or Greek Gods.

The Spheres are static psychic energy and the Paths are dynamic psychic energy.

The Tarot Cards are not used for divination or fortune telling. They can be seen as "scenarios" or "dreamstates" that characterise the particular lesson of the Path.

The Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil is the same as the Tree of Life.

tree of life

The Tree of Life and the Flower of Life together
The tree describes the incarnation process. The soul begins unified with source, at Malchut.
The individuation begins with the Hod/Netzach split, key 16.

This could be compared to the loss of childhood innocence. it is the start of separating desire: desire to pull away from Source into individuality. The process continues up the tree into the realm of soul, and then spirit.

Finally, the separating desires exhausted, desire for return to source results in unity, at Keter.

1.KETER - Pluto

Is the infinite realised self. The ghost of father (Binah), son (Kochma) and ghost (Keter) The source of all. Stabilising consciousness at this sphere is the goal of human evolution.

Fragrance: Ambergris

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