Tree of Life 3

2. KOCHMA - Neptune

Is the realm of the Third Eye, deepest meditation. Wisdom Spiritual Will and Purpose.
Potentials of Kochma: Developing purpose and initiative, manifesting the universal plan in the world.

Fragrance: Musk

3. BINAH - Saturn

Is the realm of pure understanding
Spiritual love and awareness.
Potentials of Binah:Developing self-control, silence, secrecy, impersonal understanding and objective love.

Fragrance: Myrrh

4. CHESED - Jupiter

Chesed is a drink of fresh nectar, a reward and refreshment.
Is the "Right hand of God".
Potentials of Chesed: Deep love, bliss, tenderness, abundance, achievement, caring etc.

Fragrance: Cedar

5. GEVURAH - Mars

The warrior, the athlete, the adventurer, martial artist.
The "Left hand of God". Judgement.
Potentials of Gevurah: Right use of will and power, self-defence, confrontation, forcing of issues, courage, determination etc.

Fragrance: Tobacco and Leather.

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