Tree of Life 8

tree of life

8. HOD - Mercury

Splendour, Glory, Awe.

Realm of thought, of communication, reason, truthfulness.

Potentials of Hod: Developing the mind, education, language ability, teaching, writing, concentration, visualisation, humour etc.

Fragrance: Amber, Spikenard, Storax

9. YESOD - Moon


Balances the Body (Malchut), Thinking (Hod) and Feeling (Netzach).

Yesod is the past we carry with us, the subconscious, memories and conditioning.

Potentials of Yesod: Discovering the mysteries of the astral levels, working with dreams, fantasy, instinct, memory, purification, seductiveness etc.

Fragrance: Jasmine

10. MALCHUT - Earth

Realm of the earth, the body and immediate physical sensations.

Potentials of Malchut: Discovering the mystery of the physical world, learning discrimination, patience, physical healing and vitality, taking care of the body.

Fragrance: Patchouli, Poppy, Dittany of Crete.

The Sphinx and the geometrical Copperplates

According to Edgar Cayce (a very famous paragnost) the opening of the Hall of Records, about the history of the earth, will be found in the right shoulder of the Sphinx, where 148 times 3 people will enter the Hall till one of the groups of 3 will open a door with their voice and there they will find a spiral stairs, which will go down to a room with a pot of clay in a corner, that will give information about which of the 3 tunnels to take.

They will take the right tunnel; the wrong tunnel will mean death and they walk without problems in a long tunnel from stone, where the air is lightened by itself.

High up the left side of the wall they will find 48 old geometric and secret copperplates. These are the chromosomes of the Consciousness of Christ. The first is the Flower of Life. At the end of the hall they go to the right and there, in a large room, they will find the physical evidence, sitting on high shelves, that planet earth already existed and had habitants 5,5 million years ago.

In the front of the room they will find on top of a stone something that resembles a photo or a statue, of themselves, not with their name of birth, but with their real name and date.

They may take something outside.
In the Hall of Records are also the data of other dimensions.

Is this amazing or what?




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