White Eagle

In 2001 I was in the White Eagle Lodge in London and it was fantastic. I knew already his books. Channeled by Grace Cook, White Eagle shared a lot of his knowledge with us. I also was there for my mother, because she was very ill.

Picture of the Entrance of the LondonLodge

The entrance of the London Lodge

White Eagle is a very wise and loving teacher in the world of spirit. The center of the White Eagle teaching is love and understanding towards all. All people, all living creatures are from the same source-the Light, the heart of God. We are all one family, joined by a common bond, a sometimes unspoken understanding-love.

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This light shines within every human heart irrespective of race or religion.

Your true self is a shining spirit. Let nothing draw you aside from your soul's pursuit of truth and light and eternal love.

The teachings of White Eagle led to the formation of the White Eagle Lodge in 1936.




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bluebirdNew Lands Lodge in Englandflowers
bluebirdSaint John's Retreat Center in the United States
bluebirdWillomee Lodge in Australia flowers
bluebirdLodge in the Netherlands


The address of the White Eagle Centrum in the Netherlands is:
Diny Hartmann
White Eagle Centrum Den Haag
Laan van Meerdenvoort 1a
2517 AA Den Haag

The White Eagle Lodge embraces in its teaching many a school of thought: it would follow and advocate all paths which lead to Truth. Thus the White Eagle Lodge holds no creed save unity with all, no other aim save Brotherhood.


Picture of the Main Room of the LondonLodge


The London Lodge
The name White Eagle is not attached to an individual, but stands for a true vision through the mist of earth into a larger and more perfect life. You will also know, that the white eagle is a symbol of St. John, the beloved disciple of Jesus, who was caught up in the power of the spirit and saw a new heaven and a new earth revealed. He saw that God had bestowed on humankind great gifts, not the least of which is the gift of vision.Picture of moving Flowers on vine HealingHealing is a gift of God. When through a few kind words, you lift the heart of another, you are practicing healing; when you hold in your mind the beauty of creation, you are giving healing to the whole world, because your very thought is creative and takes beautiful form. Our thoughts, in other words, have power to change the world.


Picture of a healing Room of the LondonLodge


White Eagle gives another application to this. He says that if someone has asked us for help or healing, then visualizing them perfect within the light of the sun, or a six-pointed star, can bring a special healing to them. The same power can help heal the nations and bring relief wherever there is suffering.

Picture of White Eagle, the Indian Picture of the White Eagle Star

When I was in the London Lodge I felt very good. It is such a nice and quiet place with very friendly people. In the lodge you can get Contact Healing, given by healers. It is a very loving way of helping people who are ill or in need of love and understanding. For people who are not able to come to the lodge, there is Absent Healing. The name of the person will be put on a list and every week a group of healers meet for the healing ceremony. They use there healing abilities to help these people all over the world through time and space.


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A Lodge is a place where man can rest and receive spiritual refreshment and guidance, so that he can continue his journey with increased vigor, inspiration and joy.
There are lots of Books of White Eagle.

Here are some titles:

Book: Beautiful Road HomeBook: Spiritual Unfoldment 1Book: The Quiet Mind

There also is a White Eagle Messageboard. You can find it here.