Your Chart

Hello everybody. I would very much like to help you and make your chart.
I always find it very interesting to discover, why a person is here on earth and what he can learn here. I find it very inspiring, that I can help you to understand better, what your task is. So if you are interested, here is what I can do for you.
I make your chart, put it all in writing. Tell you the most important things you have chosen to learn in this life and tell you what you are all about. It is amazing how little people really know who they are.

What is a chart and what can you do with it?

You are born on a certain place, time and day. At that moment the planets are at a certain point at the sky. They are in a certain sign and do make certain aspects with each other. If you are going to read and explain these data, then you have the blueprint of your life. You then know why you are here on earth.

I know that we all choose to be born on earth. It is on earth that we can learn the best what our soul needs to progress. We also choose our parents and family. Our body is only a shell. The soul is what matters. By being born over and over again (=reincarnation) we create the possibility to become a better person all the time. To purify our soul until we are pure light (=God)

That will take many lives. In those lives we make many mistakes; some are so serious, that we get the bill for them in another life. Suppose: we abuse our power towards somebody; then it is so, that in another life we will be abused ourselves. This sounds hard, but if you can learn to think that way, you also understand, that it is good to live as good as you can.
Everything you think or do, you will get back to you, in good and bad (=karma). That is why some very young children are capable of drawing beautiful paintings or play the piano very well. They take those abilities with them from other lives.
It is logical to try to be positive all the time; not act bad, when somebody is bad towards you. This of course is not easy.
Many of us will remember situations in which they were without power. It takes acceptation and understanding to cope with that. Still these kind of situations will come to an end. And if we have done better, what we have done wrong, we can go on and our soul has progressed. Most of the time our life will become more easy, the older we become. But only when we learn our lessons of course.
Therefore I put so much emphasis on the things we can learn in our lives. Because they are the most important for our soul.

Now I will describe a chart.

Chart of a Female, born at the 30th of July 1990 at 8.50 hr in Arnhem, the Netherlands 




In General

She is a girl for whom security and safety are very important. She wants to take care for the people with whom she has an emotional bond.
Steady habits and patterns are very important for her.Furthermore it is possible, that she has difficulties to talk socially with others.
She can be rather prejudice in some matters and is not always objective enough. In the course of her life this will change for the better.
She will learn to talk with others in the right way, to look at things objectively and to exchange ideas and thoughts.

She is also a person, which can occupy herself with something for a long time. She aims for her own goal, but has several ways to accomplish it.
She has the capacity to do a lot of things in multiple areas, but she does then very profound. These areas have all to do with each other.
They have 1 goal. She is really herself, when she does things, whether others approve or not.

Her Being

Basically she is someone, who loves to be in the centre of attention. She wants to be the leader among her friends.
She needs a lot of attention and confirmation. By radiating she gets self-confidence. If she doesn't get recognition, she can become authoritarian and bossy. This is because of her feelings of insecurity. If she is in harmony with herself, she will be friendly, radiating and jovial.
She knows her father from other lives. In this life she has chosen him to teach her to purify her ego.
To express herself in the most pure way, without being conceited, arrogant or proud. It is very important, that she lives according to high ethical standards, because else she gets a lot of opposition from mighty enemies. So she has to learn how to act morally acceptable.
The relationship with her father is of overriding importance, because when she feels resentment towards him she will get problems with men in general. She can see each man then as a potential threat or competitor. So her father can help her very well with these lessons.
This will not go easy, because sometimes she stands up too strongly for herself. Too quickly she thinks that she has to defend herself and then she becomes angry or aggressive. She has to learn to be not too impulsive or hasty, but first look into something before she acts.
It is also possible, that she provokes or challenges people without knowing that she is doing that. For instance by talking in a certain way.
She also can have powerissues with others. She has to learn to carefully handle people, who have power. She can become very angry and people can be scared to death by her and will go on protecting themselves against her.

The best thing for her is to just do her best. By all opposition she becomes stronger and if others see, that she means well, she can accomplish much. So she has to show consideration for others and just hang in there. Furthermore she is restless and impatient as far as rules are concerned. She often disagrees with rules and rebels then very subtle by means of sudden outbursts of stubbornness and recalcitrant behaviour. It is also possible, that others mess up her plans. If she learns to flow with sudden changes she will become freer. It is important for her to accept necessary changes and go through with them. Then she can express her need for freedom. Else it will express itself through disease or accidents. What also is going on is, that her mind and her feelings don't cooperate very well. She has the feeling, that her personality has 2 dimensions. One side is fiery, enthusiastic and extravert and the other side is profound and sensitive and introvert. Therefore she can be emotionally rather stormy. That is that inside herself she is pretty intense. With a lot of tension in her. That is also the way she sees her parents. As 2 people, who guide her in 2 different directions. In fact that is not true. It only are 2 aspects of herself, which are different and she has to try to bring them in harmony with each other, When others stimulate her to accept herself as she is it will help her a great deal.

Her Feelings

Her feelings are very profound and intense. She feels everything very deep. While she feels very deeply, she also feels very deeply within herself and feels for instance her feelings of jealousy or hate very well. Then she can think she is bad. She has a strong emotional bond with her mother and it is crucial, that she has a good relationship with her. The best thing she can do is to openly discuss her emotional problems with her mother. That will do her very good and give her the feeling, that she is not bad at all. Everybody has in fact feelings of jealousy, hate etc. in themselves. Because she has such strong emotional feelings, she not always sees clearly what is going on around her and in herself. When she gets older she will understand the people and their emotions better and she will be able to deal with them. Next of kin and brothers and sisters are very important to her. She is strongly attached to them. The connection to her brother is very important, since he is an Aquarius and he can teach her a lot about independence and freedom, equality and brotherhood. I will tell more about this later in the piece about the things that she has chosen to learn. She also likes competition and rivalry and she sees a lot as a challenge to defeat or oppose another. She either cooperate with another completely or she opposes the other, where she can. The easiest way is to work alone and avoid arguments. The best way however is to cooperate with others. This is only possible, when they fit together and if there is enough work. If boredom strikes or if there is too little to do, she will start a fight. It is important for her, that she will learn to see, what is really important for her and what not. Then she only has to give her energy for important matters and leave the rest be. When she learns to control her aggression she will be a hard and energetic worker, which can accomplish a lot. So don't let her waist her time with unnecessary quarrels.

Her behaviour towards others (ascendant)

She loves to be of service to others. She is a person of regularity and order. She has a critical mind and watches for details. She loves to learn. She also loves to investigate everything. She does have the need to get enough rest and withdraw form others, so that she can recharge herself again for the next day. She has a quick mind and is very gifted as far as abstract ideas are concerned, like mathematics, science and technical things. She is very good in solving problems and puzzles. She also is very creative in her mind. She is fit for work that demands originality and new inventions. Others may find the way she sees the world a bit extraordinary, but she knows how to deal with it and her insights often seem to be correct. Furthermore she is full of willpower and she feels an uncontrollable need to be herself. She can work on her own and also with others, but as I said before working with others only works, if they fit together and if she respects the other(s). She sets high standards towards others. She strongly defends her convictions and she also defends the people in whom she believes to the last drop. She needs plenty of freedom to move. She loves investigating everything by herself, because she sees and experiences everything differently than others do. That is why she gets a lot of creative and inventive energy. She loves to search new ways to make something or to do play games in a different way. She has a great imagination and she is very creative. She has a good intuitive ability. She does sense a lot. But only when she gets older, she knows how to handle that. By then she has learned how to cope with what she sense with other people. At first that can be pretty confusing. When she grows older she will be more interested in supernatural things. She finds, that the common world is rather dull and without colours.

Her largest sensitivities

As I said before, she has a great need for safety and security. She dwells with the past and is very threatened by the fact, that it doesn't go well with the Earth. That is why she feels insecure and doesn't know where to go to feel safe. She has to learn that the chaos, which is now on earth, is there, because human nature has to change, to evolve. Instead of being afraid, it would be good for her to learn, that if she transformed her thoughts into actions she can influence the earth and her people and by doing so, her feelings of security and safety will increase. She can help human nature, if she comes to realise that and also by being as creative as possible. Let her express her ideas and thoughts even though sometimes they are somewhat eccentric or difficult to realise. Alongside with this it is good for her to deal with children and loved ones in a responsible and equal way. That will give her a goal and then she will feel safe too. She also can have the feeling that she is pretty different from other people and that she doesn't fit in the group in which she lives or in the culture in which she grows up. That is why she feels attracted to other cultures and unknown people. This will bring her not the happiness she is seeking. She has to try to function here, where she is born. It is not a problem, that she feels different than others. Our culture has the possibility for lots of different people to be themselves. She can be herself too!

The most important lessons for her to learn

1. She came into this life with the feeling, that she is the living centre of everything around her. From past lives she brings the feeling that she is the queen of the world. Everything turned around her, around her ego. In past lives she was the centre of her friends. She was the leader and she was very good at it. In this life she will learn, that she has to be of service to human nature and not to her ego. She will act more and more in the interest of human nature. She will become woman among others and not above others. She has to stop doing things to get recognition or for a reward, but try to accept, that reaching something is the reward.

2. In other lives she had lots of ideas, thoughts etc. She always was thinking how to do something or to investigate how things worked. Now she learns to transform these ideas and thoughts into actions. To be creative and make something. And by doing so express herself. So express herself in an impersonal and independent way. If she stands up for her own opinions and convictions too strongly she can't act in the interest of human nature. Then she will notice that she doesn't feel free. She will feel heavy. If she expresses herself in a free and independent way she will feel lighter and much happier. In other lives she neglected to learn and tell others, what she had learned. She refused to take in knowledge and refused also to talk with others and to exchange things. Now she feels sometimes, that others don't understand her and she doesn't always know how she can express herself in an understandable way. Sometimes she doesn't know how to say something or she says something different than what she thinks or she says nothing, if the other wants an explanation. If she is disappointed she can hide herself behind a negative silence. She often thinks, that she can't share her ides, convictions and feelings. In this life it is very good to learn to talk about all her feelings and thoughts.

3. In other lives she was often irresponsible towards children and/or loved ones. In this life it would be good, if she acts and expresses herself in a responsible way. Furthermore it would be good if she would give her love in an unselfish way. For instance work with orphan children or disabled children. If she gives her love in this way to others she will make things better and will become happier. There is also the possibility, that sometimes she wants to take care of others and on other moments she only wants to work hard. And that these things change very fast, so that she finishes nothing. These are 2 opposites and therefore she can feel very restless and irritated. If she learns to have more patience she can work very disciplined and thorough. Then she can finish what she starts, before she begins with something new.

4. In other lives she wanted to be free no matter what and she treated children and loved ones from above.Now she has to learn to let children and loved ones around her be as free as herself and treat them in an equal way. Again be woman among others.

5. Also in other lives she deceived children and/or loved ones. She has to have great respect for the people that are close to her and to know that she can't give up her ideals for  materialism. So not be ambitious at the cost of children or loved ones.

I can make your chart. It isn't free though. Making a chart is around 6 hours work for me and I also have to translate it in English of course. But if you want me to make you your chart email me!